Fly tippers and litter louts ruining woods

A schoolgirl fed up with woodland being turned into a dumping ground has hit out at fly tippers and litter louts for causing the problem and a council for not clamping down on them.

Dana Binks of Dunn Close in Stevenage is angry that Monks Wood and Whomerley Wood where she daily walks her dog are being spoilt by rubbish - creating a hazard for wildlife and providing food for rats.

The 16-year-old pupil at Thomas Alleyne School in Stevenage said the problem is getting worse.

“This mess not only makes the woods look like a dump and encourages others to break the law, but is also a real danger to the wildlife living in the woods and increases the rat population,” she said.

“There are no litter or dog bins in the whole stretch of the woods and rubbish is left for months to pile up.

“I have contacted the environmental services at Stevenage Borough Council to ask why there are not any litter or dog bins in the woods, and why regular checks do not seem to be made on the amount of rubbish piling up.

“While I understand that people walking through the woods should report fly tipping and litter, I still think that the council should play their part, by checking the woods regularly, installing bins and trying to prosecute persistent offenders.”

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Dana said she sent photographs of litter hot spots to the council, as well as information from other councils on how they deal with the problem, but has received no reply.

A spokesman for the authority said it had received no reports of fly-tipping or litter in the areas, but takes the issue “very seriously”.

She said: “The council will always attend sites where fly-tipping has been reported. The council will also investigate areas where there may be litter issues to assess whether bins are needed and if so we will seek to put bins in.”

You can report fly tipping at the council website,, by calling 0800 136661 or emailing