Film Review: Toy Story (Cert PG)

This is the perfect sequel.

WHEN I was eight years old I entered the cinema and was amazed at the visuals on the screen and overjoyed by the thrilling story that unfolded before me.

And now, at 23, Toy Story 3 has brought similar emotions flooding back.

The script is as sharp and witty as the originals, although they have yanked up the fear factor quite a bit. If you thought the deformed toys in Spike’s bedroom in the first movie were scary, then wait until you see the baby doll and the drumming monkey in this!

Toy Story 3 takes the charm and magic of the first two movies and once again pushes the limits of computer animation (though Wall-E will be forever difficult to top).

Woody is still the brave, Buzz is still full of swagger moves, Hamm is still oddly knowledgeable about everything and Rex is still adorably clumsy.

The film made me think of all of my old toys in my bedroom at my parents’ house and the stresses of life now compared to back then. And as the final 20 minutes played out, I felt a sort of closure on my childhood.

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This is the perfect sequel and it will stand as ‘just as good’ as the first two.



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