Father-of-the-bride reunited with speech after leaving it in Baldock pub toilet

A MAN who left his father-of-the bride speech in a pub toilet was reunited with it just hours before the wedding, after an appeal to find him quickly spread.

The speech was found in the toilets at The Orange Tree in Baldock last Thursday, and was identifiable only by the references to ‘Marc and Carrie’.

Landlord Rob Scahill spread the word and those in the pub set out to find the owner. A tweet put out on the pub’s account also got more than 243 retweets.

The speech actually belonged to pub regular Alex Stonys who, during all the commotion, was in the beer garden. The Baldock resident had written it for his daughter Carrie Ann’s wedding to Marc LeComber.

Rob told the Comet: “We couldn’t find anybody who knew whose speech it was. We were just going around asking if anyone knew Marc and Carrie.

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“I put it out on Twitter, and the whole time he [Alex] was outside. He had no idea.”

Alex knew nothing about all the fuss until one of the bridesmaids contacted him on the morning of the wedding, which was on the Friday.

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He was reunited with his speech just hours before the ceremony.

“I was completely unaware until I had a phone call from one of my daughter’s bridesmaids on the morning, who had happened to see it on Facebook,” he said.

Unfortunately for Alex, on the way to the ceremony at Gaynes Park in Epping, he realised that, once more, he had left the speech behind.

It was too late this time, and the father-of-the-bride had to improvise.

“I left it at my daughter’s house, and didn’t realise until we were half way to the ceremony in the limo,” he said.

But he added: “I still did my speech. It was all fine, because it came from the heart. It was a beautiful wedding.”

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