Father given suspended sentence for ‘appalling’ road rage attack

An example of “quite appalling behaviour” is how a judge described the actions of a father-of-three who dislocated a man’s elbow and punched his girlfriend in the face in a road rage attack.

Ryan Mouton appeared before Cambridge Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday) on charges of causing grievous bodily harm and assault by battery after the attack on February 4.

Victim Lee Whytock, 33, underwent five hours of operations and has been unable to work as a digger driver since he was thrown to the floor, hitting a kerb in the incident.

The court heard Mouton had flashed his lights, bibbed his horn and tailgated Mr Whytock as they drove along Broadhall Way, by Stevenage Football Club at around 4pm.

When the two vehicles stopped in traffic Mouton, 38, got out of his car and approached the other vehicle.

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When Mr Whytock got out, he was punched twice to the head, before returning blows.

Mouton then held the victim by the throat up against his car.

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When Mr Whytock’s girlfriend Kelly McCormack, tried to pull Mouton off, she was punched in the face, leaving her “starry eyed and unable to see” the prosecution said.

Mr Whytock was then lifted in a bear hug and thrown to the floor.

Landing on his elbow on the kerb, he heard a popping sound and felt “excruciating pain”.

The defendant drove off, but was traced by his number plate – taken by witnesses who said he was the instigator of the attack.

Mouton of The Mansion, Whitney Wood, Stevenage pleaded guilty to both charges.

In mitigation his defence counsel said he had imagined bad driving and at the time of the attack was undergoing counselling with his estranged wife. He was a man of previous good character and intended to go to Australia and begin to rebuild his life with his family.

Judge Jonathon Haworth said: “The facts of the case are an example of quite appalling behaviour”, that “resulted in a very serious injury” to the victim.

Mouton was given a suspended prison sentence of nine months for GBH and three months for assault, to run concurrently.

He must also complete 80 hours of unpaid community work, and pay �2,500 in compensation to Mr Whytock for his injuries.

Compensation for loss of earnings would have to go to another court, the judge added.

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