Families to feed? Then just send in the Hitchin Army!

Lorna Hemmings (left) and Vivki Wakefiled with her daughter Alice of the Hitchin Volunteer Army

Lorna Hemmings (left) and Vivki Wakefiled with her daughter Alice of the Hitchin Volunteer Army - Credit: Archant

Two women from Hitchin are providing a heartwarming Christmas tale of their own by helping feed needy families feeling the pinch – through the power of volunteering and social media.

Lorna Hemmings and Emma Ince-Goulding founded the Hitchin Volunteer Army as they simply wanted to help families who were less well-off.

Lorna said: “It’s a social media phenomenon ‘gone good’. It started off as a group of mums keen to help the town. I have contacts with various agencies who work with families who may have employment or money problems, or may not have any money left to pay for white goods or even food after paying their rent and bills.

“It escalated from there. We decided to come up with food bundles for five families in Hitchin. We’ve had such a positive response.”

Emma said: “We have been overwhelmed with generosity, via social media and word of mouth, and the impact our project has made on the donors in just three short weeks.

“People have made it a family occasion, having children choose items from their own cupboards to give.

“They have diverted their usual Christmas charity spend to filling a grocery trolley and delivering it to our doors.

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“Entire streets in Hitchin have donated to a central depot on their road, and made neighbourhood pledges to support the cause. People have stopped us in shops, bought items and left them with us on the spot.

“At the close of donations on December 20, we may be able to double our initial estimate by helping 10 families – identified by the Hitchin Volunteer Army with help from local organisations – with a lovely food box, full of the freshest seasonal produce going and a treat of two for the good boys and girls of Hitchin.”

Contact Lorna on 07999 422535.

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