European Elections 2014: Conservatives top poll in North Herts

The Tory's topped the poll in North Herts

The Tory's topped the poll in North Herts - Credit: Archant

The Conservatives top the poll in North Hertfordshire bucking a national trend, with UKIP finishing second and Labour third.

The results were as follows:

An Independence from Europe: 525

British National Party: 211

Christian Peoples Alliance: 236

Conservative Party: 12,187

English Democrats: 238

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Green Party: 3668

Labour Party: 6931

Liberal Democrats: 2904

NO2EU: 119

UK Independence Party: 9827

Turnout: 37.7%

Despite finishing out on top in North Herts UKIP topped the poll for the East of England constituency and gained two MEPs.

The MEPs elected to represent the east of England are as follows:

David Campbell Bannerman (Con) existing

Vicky Ford (Con) existing

Geoffrey Van Orden (Con) existing

Richard Howitt (Lab) existing

Stuart Agnew (UKIP) existing

Tim Aker (UKIP) newly elected

Patrick O’Flynn (UKIP) newly elected

Members of the European Parliament are elected using a party-list proportional representation. Party’s put forward a list of candidates and then are allocated a proportion of seats according to their share of the vote.

The candidates at the top of the list will receive the first seat that party is allocated and so on.

The UK is divided into 12 electoral constituencies with the East of England area covering Comet country.