Escaped bulls rampage in Hitchin

RESIDENTS in Hitchin were “astonished” to see a couple of bulls rampaging through the town in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The animals were spotted running down Cambridge Road after escaping from a nearby field.

They were also seen in the nearby Anchor Pub car park and play ground.

Christine Russell, who lives in Hitchin, saw the incident from her home.

She said: “Police cars arrived, lights flashing, and as I looked out the window, I saw three bulls running down the road!

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“One of the bulls then proceeded to go into the Anchor Pub car park, into the play area, and the other one ran up Cambridge Road.

“The police officers came and asked my dad if he had some form of rope to try and get the bull in the car park under control.

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“Five minutes later, police officers shouted to get out the way, because the bull was hurtling towards us.”

A spokesman from Herts Police said that two cars were sent out to the incident.

She added: “We had a report from a member of the public that at least three bullocks had escaped and were wandering on Willian Road and Purwell Lane.

“We did some research and found the owner who went out to deal with the situation.”

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