Election results

Hitchin Priory Ward Allison Ashley (Con) 1112 – Elected Michael Lott (Lib Dem) 309 Susan Dye (Green) 192 Douglas McCall (Lab) 145 Hitchin Oughton Ward David Billing (Lab) 511 – Elected Alan Millard (Con) 400 Ronald Clark (Lib Dem) 151 Tony Ware (Green)

Hitchin Priory Ward

Allison Ashley (Con) 1112 - Elected

Michael Lott (Lib Dem) 309

Susan Dye (Green) 192

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Douglas McCall (Lab) 145

Hitchin Oughton Ward

Most Read

David Billing (Lab) 511 - Elected

Alan Millard (Con) 400

Ronald Clark (Lib Dem) 151

Tony Ware (Green) 107

Hitchin Bearton Ward

Deepak Sangha (Lab) 600 - Elected

Pradeep (Paul) Sharma (Con) 514

Andrew Ircha (Lib Dem) 408

Sarah Pond (Green) 385

Hitchin Highbury Ward

Paul Clark (Lib Dem) 1390 - Elected

Malcolm Bracken (Con) 1028

Mark Crawley (Lab) 174

Hitchin Walsworth

Bernard Lovewell (Con) 1027 - Elected

Ryan Johnson (Lab) 703

David Shirley (Lib Dem) 239

Giles Woodruff (Green) 234

Codicote Ward

Thomas Brindley (Con) 744 - Elected

Roger Wood (Lab) 122

John Winder (Lib Dem) 119

Kimpton Ward

John Bishop (Con) 523 - Elected

Richard Canning (Lib Dem) 125

David Ashton (Green) 94

Knebworth Ward

Jane Gray (Con) 1414 - Elected

Alan Bardett (Con) 1334 - Elected

Debra Wilkins (Lib Dem) 411

William Berrington (Green) 206

Clare Billing (Lab) 189

Alan Mitchell (Lab) 125

Letchworth East Ward

Diane Proudlove (Con) 755 - Elected

Anthony Hartley (Lab) 625

Rebecca Winder (Lib Dem) 301

Eric Blakeley (Green) 180

Letchworth South East Ward

David Levett (Con) 951 - Elected

Anthony (Tony) Eden (Lab) 523

Julia Winter (Lib Dem) 419

Letchworth South West Ward

Melissa Davey (Con) 1471 - Elected

Alison Kingman (Lib Dem) 832

Jacqueline Hartley (Lab) 230

Letchworth Grange Ward

Monica Bloxham (Con) 793 - Elected

Peter Mardell (Lab) 668

Martin Penny (Lib Dem) 353

Letchworth Wilbury Ward

Elliot Needham (Con) 511 - Elected

Ian Mantle (Lab) 413

John Winder (Lib Dem) 160

Heidi Mollart-Griffin (Green) 119

Baldock Town Ward

Michael Muir (Con) 1370 - Elected

Paul Burgin (Lab) 331

John White (Lib Dem) 257

George Howe (Green) 149

Bandley Hill

Joan Elisabeth Lloyd (Lab) 824 - ELECTED

Freda Warner (Con) 434

Gordon Knight (Lib Dem) 361


Brian George Underwood (Lab) 1144 - ELECTED

Christine Saint-Leitner (Con) 561


Pamela Madeline Stuart (Lab) 860 - ELECTED

Audrey June Louisa Griffith (Lib Dem) 633

Julie Ann Seddon (Con) 396


Suzanne Marie Myson (Lab) 846 - ELECTED

Matthew Hurst (Con) 618

Ralph Christopher Baskerville (Lib Dem) 340

Manor Ward

Elisabeth Marye Knight (Lib Dem) 1129 - ELECTED

Susan Smith (Con) 545

Thomas James McGarry (Lab) 472

Martins Wood

Jeannette Audrey Thomas (Lab) 698 - ELECTED

Richard Seddon (Con) 553

Barbara Segadelli (Lib Dem) 357

Old Town

Pamela Elizabeth Josephine Gallagher (Lab) 998 - ELECTED

James Fraser (Con) 732

Margaret Latham (Lib Dem) 255

Stuart Wanstall Madgin (Green Party) 202

Pin Green

Tanis Georgina Mary Kent (Lab) 933 - ELECTED

Mollie Cawthorn (Con) 381

Richard William Aitkins (English Democrats) 274

Mary Ann Louisa Griffith (Lib Dem) 191


Sherma Amantha Batson (Lab) 817 - ELECTED

Roger Gill (Con) 471

Denise Carlyle Baskerville (Lib Dem) 347


Robert Alfred Clark (Lab) 805 - ELECTED

Nicholas Trevelyan Baskerville (Lib Dem) 378

Leslie Clark (Con) 277

St. Nicholas

Caroline Diane Latif (Lab) 772 - ELECTED

Matthew Paul Wyatt (Con) 398

Heather Mary Snell (Lib Dem) 353

Symonds Green

Sharon Jane Taylor (Lab) 909 - ELECTED

Claire Poole (Con) 516

Clive Hearmon (Lib Dem) 261


Marion Mason (Con) 829 - ELECTED

Monika Elizabeth Cherney-Craw (Lab) 388

Katherine Jane Lloyd (Lib Dem) 308

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