Elderly residents express safety fears over Stevenage pathway

ELDERLY people are living in fear of falling and are being forced to avoid a pathway covered in wet soggy leaves, through the lack of maintenance.

Residents living in Baron Court, Stevenage who would normally use a path leading to a supermarket have said the autumn leaves are causing the path to be slippery and hazardous.

Patricia Rogers, who lives in one of the bungalows with her husband David, said: “I am just waiting for someone to fall down there. The path is used by most of the people who live in Baron Court because a lot of us cannot get up or down the steps on the other side.”

The 70-year-old added: “We take our trolleys, wheelchair and mobility scooters to the supermarket but there is going to be an accident if the leaves are not cleared away.”

Mrs Rogers, who has lived in the area for the past 14 years, said the drain at the bottom of the path is full of leaves and weeds causing it to flood the path when it rains leaving it muddy.

Mr Rogers said: “The path needs to be maintained on a regular basis, at this time of the year someone needs to come down at least twice a week to clear it.”

The 75-year-old said he believed the lack of maintenance was down to the cuts in services.

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He said: “Before we use to have someone come in and sweep the path for us and it used to be maintained on a regular basis, but now it just gets overseen because its hidden away. We use the path because it is flatter and easier to use rather than going up and down the stairs which is a longer way round.”

A spokesman for Herts County Council said: “We recognise this route is well used by all members of the community however it has always been predominantly rural in character and has a natural surface for most of its length.

“It is not our normal practice to deal with leaves on routes of this character. However, we understand it is on the seasonal schedule undertaken by Stevenage Borough Council.”

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