Students at Baldock school sent home after heating problems

STUDENTS at a secondary school who were due to sit their mock exams this afternoon (Monday) have been sent home after the school experienced problems with its heating.

Staff and pupils at the Knights Templar School in Baldock were left without heating meaning kitchen staff were unable to provide meals for students.

A statement on the school’s website said: “We are currently experiencing a problem with the heating system leaving part of the school without heat this morning.

This was shortly followed by a power failure meaning the kitchens are unable to provide meals for students and telephone systems are not functioning.

School buses will be arriving at 12.20 to take home students that normally travel in this way.

There will be no mock exams taking place this afternoon.

We are currently working with engineers to restore all systems in an effort to return to normal school tomorrow morning.

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Once the electricity is returned there will be a message on the school answer phone.

We are very sorry for inconvenience caused.”