Resident pens Hitchin-based fiction novel

A FORMER Hitchin resident has realised her ambition of writing her own book, and will come to town to launch it next month.

Maureen Bullen, who used to live in Hitchin but has now relocated to Devon, has written her second book ‘The Haunted Mirror’ which is fiction but all based in familiar Hitchin locations.

The story, set in Maureen’s old house on Walsworth Road, follows a woman who must reveal a secret mirror to put herself out of the danger that she and her husband face in the house.

“The story is all fiction, but it’s based in real places that exist in Hitchin,” explained Maureen.

“I love writing and I have lots of fantastic memories of the area, so it seemed really fitting.”

Maureen, whose book is published under her pen name Boleyn, will launch her book on Tuesday, April 12 at 11.30am the Radcliffe Arms.