Pupils hunt for mythical stone in Arlesey

PUPILS at a school took time out from normal lessons on Tuesday to hunt for a mythical stone.

Etonbury Academy in Arlesey held a cross curricular day that saw pupils have their normal science, technology, maths, English and arts lessons combined for a Viking treasure hunt activity day.

Over 70 clues and activities were put in place for pupils to work together across years 5 through to 8. The children had to solve various puzzles in order to finally reveal the location of the treasure. A Viking was also in school to add a real Nordic flavour to the proceedings.

Christian Langley, director of specialism, said: “The day went extremely well and both pupils and teachers alike enjoyed a more open approach to delivering the curriculum. Sadly, the treasure remained undiscovered and will remain on site until the children next get the opportunity to solve the mystery.”

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