A bear for every pupil to help boost school's morale

preston teddy bears

Preston Primary School pupils all received a new teddy bear to help boost their morale in lockdown - Credit: Preston Primary School

The parents association of a primary school near Hitchin has distributed teddy bears to every pupil, to help boost their morale.

Having been at home for the best part of a year separated from their friends and teachers, many children are now finding it difficult at home.

With the support of county councillor David Barnard, the PSA at Preston Primary School have managed to purchase a soft teddy bear for every child in the school.

The PSA delivered every one of the 82 bears wearing a T-shirt adorning the school logo and motto "love learn aspire".

A spokeswoman said: "The bears will be a useful tool to encourage children to try their best while learning remotely at home, and can be used as an extra learning resource while setting work for the children.

"They can also support children's mental health and wellbeing by comforting them and keeping them in touch with the school while they are at home."

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