Petition launched to curb Letchworth school parking problems

A HEADTEACHER has said the authorities will have to look at the possibility of making a road outside a school one-way if a petition is backed by parents and residents.

Christine Anthony, a parent at Pixmore Junior School in Rushby Mead, Letchworth GC, has launched a petition to make the residential street one-way because of parking problems when parents drop-off and collect their children.

She said: “I have started a petition with the support of most parents and staff at Pixmore Junior School to try to make Rushby Mead one-way. Traffic problems caused twice a day and during events are so dangerous for the children.”

Hertfordshire Highways did carry out a feasibility study last July and were unable to find a suitable solution but headteacher Alex Evans said it may have to be looked at again.

Mrs Evans said: “We did have Hertfordshire County Council look at the feasibility of a one-way street but they said it could create a rat run and make the problem worse and there’s a question whether residents would want it as well.

“For us it’s a case of trying to get parents to understand that they need to park more sensibly. If there is a consensus of opinion from parents and residents the council will have to look at it again.”

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Highways said: “While we appreciate that parking outside of Pixmore Junior School can be difficult, any changes to the road must be made with the interests of residents and road users in mind.

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“We welcome the petition from the parents of the school, which will be acknowledged and dealt with under the county council’s procedure for petitions outlined on our website:”