Petition backing Sandy school reinvigorated after ‘inadequate’ report

The mansion house at Sandye Place Academy in Sandy. Picture: Tom (orangeaurochs) via Flickr

The mansion house at Sandye Place Academy in Sandy. Picture: Tom (orangeaurochs) via Flickr - Credit: Archant

News that a Sandy academy could be on the verge of closure has reinvigorated a petition supporting the school.

More than 680 people have signed the online petition calling for Sandye Place Academy to be allowed to extend its age range up to 16 – with hundreds backing the campaign in the last week.

Sandye Place, which serves children aged nine to 13, received an overall ‘inadequate’ rating from Ofsted inspectors last week. Days later, Central Beds Council recommended to the Department of Education that it close due to a surplus of school places in Sandy.

The petition’s backers include Nicola Chapman, who said: “Most parents support the school even after the Ofsted report as they know their child is progressing well. This school has been a huge part of the community for many years, and the education and wellbeing of each student is at the forefront on the school’s mind.”

One signatory said that with Sandy expanding, it might need two upper schools – and extending Sandye Place’s age range could be a popular and efficient solution.

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Others expressed concerns about children being bussed out to schools elsewhere.

Sandye Place and Maple Tree Lower School had been planning to potentially extend age ranges, but Central Beds Council asked them to pause this in November.

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