Ofsted says Letchworth school is ‘inadequate’

A PRIMARY school requires “significant improvement” according to an Ofsted report published on Friday which deemed its overall effectiveness as “inadequate”.

Radburn Primary School in Letchworth GC was given a notice to improve after inspectors visited the school last month, identifying that the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievements and attendance were all inadequate.

The Radburn Way school’s capacity for sustained improvement was said to be “satisfactory”, while the Early Years Foundation Stage was given a “good” rating.

The report, which follows a “satisfactory” inspection in 2008, said: “Significant improvement is required in relation to teaching, pupils’ progress and attendance. Since the last inspection, attainment at the end of Year 6 has steadily declined to low levels and pupils’ progress, particularly in Key Stage 2, has been inadequate.

“While there have been improvements over the last academic year to assessment, teaching, pupils’ progress and behaviour, there are still inconsistencies in these areas. Consequently, the overall effectiveness of the school is inadequate.

“While there are examples of good practice, there is not enough good teaching in Key Stages 1 and 2 and in a small minority of lessons, it is inadequate.

“The school has a realistic view of its performance and there are positive signs of improvement. It demonstrates a satisfactory capacity for sustained improvement.”

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The school will now receive a monitoring visit, usually within the next six to eight months, before another full inspection is carried out in around a year’s time.

Responding to the report’s findings, headteacher Linda Meredith said: “This report is encouraging because it recognises that there are positive signs of improvement and that we are all working hard together at Radburn School to ensure that our children get a great education.”

Chair of governors Lorna Alcock added: “We are aware of the need to develop the quality of teaching and raise pupils’ achievements and have already started to put in place the recommendations on how we can further improve.”

Radburn is the second school in the town to be given the lowest rating by Ofsted for their overall performance in the last month after Fearnhill School were placed on special measures in March.