Nobel: Worst year ever for securing university places

THIS is the worst year in living memory for students struggling to get a place at university, according to the headteacher of The Nobel School in Stevenage.

Early indications are that the overall pass rate is at least 94 per cent, but headteacher Alistair Craig is exasperated that the hard work of pupils could prove fruitless.

“As is reflected across the country, we have got a number of students struggling to find university places,” he said.

“A grade A is worth 300 points and students have been missing out by one point alone and are being told there’s no flexibility.

“It’s disheartening to watch children who have worked hard missing places by one point.

“Some are even being told courses they have applied for have been pulled.

“This is the worst year we have ever known for students struggling to get into university, and I have been teaching for 29 years.”

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He said overall he is pleased with the results, but concerned for the youngsters without a guaranteed university place, “at a time when people can’t just walk into a job”.

“It’s hard on the kids and the places are not there in clearing,” he said, adding that it is a “mixed picture”, with some “outstanding individual results”. These students include Simon Harrison (A*AA), Daniel Archer (A*AAC), Rachel Fenton (AABB), Jack Sheahan (AABB), Claire Hopwood (A*AB), and Lauren Rothery (AAB).

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