New role for North Hertfordshire College principal

THE principal of North Hertfordshire College (NHC) is to take on an extended role.

After seven years as principal, Fintan Donohue is to become the chief executive of both NHC and Gazelle Global Ltd – an enterprise group for leading colleges which was created by the college this year.

Deputy principal Signe Sutherland will take over from Mr Donohue as principal from September, but will still continue under his direction.

John Simmonds, chairman of North Hertfordshire College Group, said that the board were delighted to be in a position to retain Mr Donohue’s energy and expertise for the college while actually sharing that leadership with the larger enterprise formed by NHC with its partners.

Speaking about the Gazelle Global, Mr Simmon said: “Students at NHC have been active participants in global conferences on enterprise and in social enterprise projects as far afield as India.

“NHC and its partners have enjoyed the praise of government ministers and such notaries as Sir Richard Branson and Peter Jones for the forward-thinking agenda that is enabling the colleges to create better opportunities for young people interested in creating their own enterprises in particular.

“In a global learning environment it is essential that our college students seek out opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. By creating a network of colleges internationally, we can only extend opportunities for our students locally.”

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Mrs Sutherland, who has led the college’s development in terms of curriculum and student opportunity for a number of years, said: “NHC takes pride in building strong relationships with parents, students, employers and community stakeholders.

“I have been at the centre of those relationships for several years and very much look forward to extending those opportunities further at a time when so many students need to increase their self-reliance and innovation in order to succeed.”

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