Missing exam papers leave Knights Templar students in doubt of their future

STUDENTS at a school have been left in doubt of their future after their exams papers went missing.

On Thursday (August 16) pupils at The Knights Templar School in Baldock were told their history A-level papers had gone missing and would not get their ‘real’ results.

When students opened their envelopes to read their history result it said ‘no result’.

The students were told there would be a delay in getting their results while teachers tried to obtain them from exam board OCR.

Eventually the students were given their results which were based on their predicted grades and on past modular exams and course work, but not the exams they sat this summer.

Chris Weeks, 18, from Baldock who was due to go to the University of Lincoln to study business management missed out on his place after his calculated grade did not give him enough UCAS points.

He said: “I was predicted a C in history but because the papers went missing I have been given a D and now have missed out on my university place.

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“It has been a real blow as some of my friends will be going to Lincoln and will be a year ahead of me.”

Chris said he will now have to resit the exam to get the 260 UCAS points needed to go to university to do the course he wants.

An OCR spokesman said: “Although every effort is made to ensure that the work of students is despatched and stored securely at all times, occasional instances of missing scripts unfortunately do occur within schools or during the assessment process.

“OCR has a defined system in place for investigating instances of missing scripts and every case is investigated by a dedicated team within the organisation.

“In cases where we ascertain that student work cannot be recovered, in line with the Joint Council for Qualifications guidelines, we are usually able to issue an assessed grade which is calculated using the available evidence of the student’s attainment in other units.

“We understand the loss of scripts is an upsetting situation for students, and as soon as we become aware that a candidate is involved in a missing script investigation, we inform the school concerned and provide information about the assessed grade process which may need to be applied.

He added: “If the scripts are located, they will be marked and we will issue updated results.

“We’re deeply sorry history students at The Knights Templar School have been affected by this situation. We fully appreciate the concern such situations cause and are working closely with the school to find our what happened.

“I’d like to assure students that every effort is being made to find these scripts.”