Parents praise little stars making the most of homeschooling

Megan Amaya and Elliott

Parents praise Longmeadow's lockdown heroes - Credit: Helen Bridge/Samantha Field/Longmeadow School

Parents in Stevenage have been highlighting the hard work of their children who have used their time home schooling help their community, or have adapted well to the ever-changing lockdown conditions.

Children have been in and out of the classroom since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

Ahead of all pupils returning to school next week, parental engagement officer at Longmeadow School - and proud parent - Samantha Field asked parents to share what their children have been doing. 

Amaya Thompson

Amaya has completed walking challenges and litter picking to raise money for 'little bags of love', which she has been donating to those in need - Credit: Samantha Field

Samantha's daughter Amaya Thompson spent her lockdown making 'little bags of love' to donate to homeless drop-in charity, Feed Up Warm Up. 

She’s since completed four challenges including litter picking and sponsored walks to fund the project, and received a BBC Make a Difference Award, complete with a zoom call with Little Mix. 

Amaya and Little Mix

Amaya received a BBC Make a Difference Award for her work in the community, and was surprised with a Zoom call with Little Mix - Credit: Samantha Field

Her daughter's hard work inspired Samantha to reach out to others at Longmeadow, and she was met with an huge response from proud parents.

Mum Jo Payne said:  “I would just like to let you know how proud I am of Elsie and Freddie Payne during this whole pandemic.

Elsie and Freddie Payne

Elsie, Year 3 and Freddie, Year 1, have been praised for how well they have coped with lockdown - Credit: Jo Payne

"They have been so understanding and coped so well with lockdowns and homeschooling. Even if they do tell me I'm a rubbish teacher! Not being able to see our family has been a huge change to them but they have dealt with it like little stars.”

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Emma Holt added: “I am so proud of Finley and Amelia with how they have coped with lockdown and the home learning and not seeing their friends or family for so long."

Amelia and Finely

Emma Holt praised children Amelia and Finely for their perseverance in lockdown - Credit: Emma Holt

Holly Wood and brother Daniel also received a shout out from mum, Katie. She said: “We are so proud of Daniel because he has done so well over the lockdown. He is much calmer,  he doesn't give up on his school work as much now. He will try new ways of trying to remember things.

"Daniel has also cracked how to use the remote control so he can now find what he wants to watch. This is a massive achievement for him as he has to remember a sequence. Holly was a star over the lockdown. If Daniel was struggling with his school work she would try to explain or help him with it. 

"They are both our little stars that drive us mad at times, but we wouldn't change them one bit.”

Anca, mum of Year 1 pupil Luca, said: “We are really proud of our son Luca, as during the lockdown he has doing his best to keep positive and happy.

Luca and Eva Longmeadow school

Mum Anca said Luca in Year 1 has done well to keep positive in lockdown, and has been helping his little sister Eva - Credit: Courtesy of Longmeadow School

"Even if he could not meet his cousin, who is his very best friend, he totally understood and accepted it. He is praying to God every evening for all the children to be safe and well and for 'all these viruses' to go away so he can meet again all his friends.

"From his little sister Eva, Mummy and Daddy, we all love Luca to the moon and back as he is such a kind and amazing little boy!”

Emily year 1 longmeadow

Emily in Year 1 has been helping her elderly neighbour with her gardening during lockdown - Credit: Courtesy of Longmeadow School

Emily in Year 1 has been helping her elderly neighbour with her gardening. She’s been sweeping, collecting the leaves and sweeping the slippery bits off her path. She’s also helped take her bins in and out!

Elliot in Year 6 heard about his auntie having COVID during lockdown and, because it was snowing, they couldn’t get any food delivered. Elliott wanted to take some lunch over to them - so that’s exactly what he did.

Elliott Year 6 longmeadow

Year 6 pupil Elliott prepared and delivered a hot lunch for his auntie, who was self-isolating and unable to get a food delivery due to the snow - Credit: Courtesy of Longmeadow School

He dressed up warm and dropped a hot lunch off on their doorstep. Elliot did of all these despite being vulnerable himself.

Mum of Year 3 pupil Megan, Helen Bridge said: “Megan has been fantastic during lockdown, the majority of the time she has had to work independently while her dad and I are working. Megan has tried every piece of work her teacher has set and we are extremely proud of her and how well she has adapted and coped.  

Megan Year 3 Longmeadow

Year 3 pupil Megan tried her best to work independently in lockdown, and even planned and prepared a Valentine's Day meal for her parents! - Credit: Helen Bridge

"She has been so kind, and during her school work designed a Valentine's meal for us and even made it for us too!”

Megan's menu

Megan planned and cooked a Valentine's Day dinner for her parents - Credit: Helen Bridge

Samantha added: "We are extremely proud of our children and families here at Longmeadow and are blown away by how well they have all coped during these difficult times.

"We want to celebrate and recognise the little heroes among us and say well done to our whole school community for doing such an amazing job!

"The end is in sight now and we can’t wait to welcome back our children and families from Monday, March 8."