Letchworth school in special measures making ‘good progress’

A SCHOOL which was deemed to be “failing to supply an acceptable level of education” has been told by Ofsted inspectors it is now making “good” progress.

An Ofsted report published this month said progress at Fearnhill School in Letchworth GC since being subject to special measures and a previous monitoring inspection in July was both deemed to be “good”.

The school in Icknield Way West was inspected on November 28 and 29 as part of regular monitoring inspections required after it was placed in special measures by Ofsted in February.

The report said: “The quality of teaching and learning seen during the visit was good overall, with nearly two thirds of lessons seen being good or outstanding; in the sixth form all lessons were good or better. No inadequate lessons were seen.”

Regarding the school’s leadership, it said: “The headteacher has continued to implement a number of appropriate measures to drive improvement, at a good pace. Weak performance is challenged and staff are supported to improve.

“Significant progress has been made since it went into special measures. The key building blocks provide a strong platform to accelerate further improvement.”

Following the report, the school is now allowed to appoint newly qualified teachers as needed, and has seen 11 staff leave and nine join since July’s “satisfactory” inspection.

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Headteacher Jed Whelan said: “I am really pleased with the progress the school has made in such a short time. What has impressed me is the response there has been from the students and staff in their drive and determination to make such rapid progress.

“It is a fantastic boost for everyone and a clear signpost that we are further down the path to making Fearnhill the good school it deserves to be.”

Fearnhill could be subject to three further monitoring inspections up until February 2013, when, if special measures have not been removed, the school will have another full inspection.

If it is still found to require special measures after two years, a proposal could be put forward by Hertfordshire County Council to close the school.

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