Knebworth primary school maths whizzes celebrate GCSE success

Ollie Ford, James Astley, Corletta Straughn, Lucy Taylor and Rachel Needham

Ollie Ford, James Astley, Corletta Straughn, Lucy Taylor and Rachel Needham - Credit: Archant

A group of young maths whizzes are celebrating after gaining a GCSE in the subject – five years ahead of schedule.

Ollie Ford, James Astley, David Brouat, Rachel Needham, Lucy Taylor and Corletta Straughn were all Year six students at Knebworth Primary School when they took their GCSE maths exams earlier this year – achieving one A, four Bs and a C between them.

Students usually take the tests during their fifth year of secondary school but the youngsters received extra tutition – an additional three hours a week for six months – under an excellence programme scheme run by the school so they could take them before leaving Knebworth primary.

Headteacher Michael John said: “Everyone at the school is very proud to see that our pupils have done so well in taking their GCSE exams.

“They were picked out after being deemed to have exceptional ability and they have really proved themselves. With these results, it could be just a few short years before they are ready for A-level material.”

Year 6 teacher Sam Britton said: “The pupils all had an absolutely fantastic attitude towards taking these exams – they were so calm and relaxed.

“We didn’t want to put too much pressure on them but simply wanted them to enjoy the experience. I had high expectations because I knew how strong their abilities were but I don’t know if anyone expected them to do as well as they have. They should be very proud.”

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James’ mum Mandy Astley said: “We all knew they were doing really well at school but I don’t think we realised quite far they had come along.

“It’s always been James’ favourite subject and the teacher said he and his friends had potential but it’s still quite a surprise. I am exceptionally proud of what he has managed to achieve and hope they all will all be able to build on what they’ve achieved for the future.”