‘I don’t think it’s an accurate reflection’ – Hitchin pupil criticises A-Level results plan

Zac Cash, a Year 13 pupil at The Priory School, Hitchin, spoke to Good Morning Britain today about A

Zac Cash, a Year 13 pupil at The Priory School, Hitchin, spoke to Good Morning Britain today about A-Level results. Picture: Good Morning Britain - Credit: Archant

A passionate Hitchin school pupil has shared his concerns over the awarding of A-Level results this year, arguing it will “not be an accurate reflection” of Year 13s across the country.

Zac Cash, a Year 13 at The Priory School in Hitchin, spoke to national media about concerns he has over the A-Level results process earlier this morning.

The passionate pupil criticised the decision to base final grades on mock results, and argued that he and his fellow pupils have been “made into a bargaining chip”.

Zac said: “I don’t think basing your results on mocks quite cuts the mustard if I’m honest.

“Mock results are so completely different to A-Levels. They’re an exam done in January, think how much revision you could do between January and June.

“I don’t think it’s an accurate reflection of what we could achieve.

“It’s a decision made by the government at the 11th hour, but I don’t think it will bring students the satisfaction they desire when they open their results tomorrow morning.”

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With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting the traditional summer exam season, the national grading system has been significantly altered this year.

Now, pupils will be able to choose between a calculated grade – calculated as a predicted grade based on a pupil’s classwork, assignments and coursework over the year – their mock results or to resit exams in the Autumn.

Students will have to appeal to their school to receive their mock exam scores if they are higher than their estimated grade.

Announcing this ‘triple lock’ plan earlier this morning, education secretary Gavin Williamson MP said: “Every young person waiting for their results wants to know they have been treated fairly.

“By ensuring students have the safety net of their mock results, as well as the chance of sitting autumn exams, we are creating a triple lock process to ensure confidence and fairness in the system.

“No one wanted to cancel exams – they are the best form of assessment, but the disruption caused by COVID-19 meant they were not possible.

“This triple lock system will help provide reassurance to students and ensure they are able to progress with the next stage of their lives.”

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