Hitchin Girls’ School donates artwork to vulnerable children

STUDENTS at a school who took part in a charity project have seen their artwork travel several thousand miles.

Pupils at Hitchin Girls’ School painted pictures of children from parts of impoverished Central America, based on photographs they were sent, as part of the Memory Project.

Those portraits joined paintings from partner school, Chapin in New York, to be delivered to the children over the summer.

Students at the school have now been sent photographs of the youngsters, clutching their portraits, as well as a film.

Student Millie Morris, 18, painted a picture of a young girl called Maria.

She said: “I love the picture of Maria. It’s so lovely to see her actually hold it, I do hope she liked it.

“I watched the film as well, the children all seem so delighted, which is brilliant. I’d love to be involved in a project like that again.”

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Fellow student, 14-year-old Anna Lacey, added: “It was so wonderful taking part and seeing the reaction of the children was so special as it shows how much the project meant to them.”

The school hopes to take part in the project next year, with plans to get even more of its students involved.

It is thought that next year, the portraits will be sent to either Rwanda, Vietnam or Haiti.

Assistant headteacher Ruth Cooper said: “At Hitchin Girls’ School, we pride ourselves in the international work that we do.

“It has been an absolute joy to take part in the Memory Project and we are exceptionally proud of our girls and how they have used their artistic skills to produce something so special for each of these children.

“We can’t wait to get started again this year.”