Heads together as new man takes Baldock school role

Mr Tim Litchfield who starts in September Mr Andrew Pickering 2006–-present Mr Peter Chapman 1984-2

Mr Tim Litchfield who starts in September Mr Andrew Pickering 2006–-present Mr Peter Chapman 1984-2006 Mr Vivian Crellin 1960-1984 - Credit: Archant

Three headteachers who have collectively ran a school for more than half a century have welcomed their newest peer.

Vivian Crellin, Peter Chapman and current headteacher Andrew Pickering came together at The Knights Templar School in Baldock last week as incoming head Tim Litchfield was introduced.

The trio have led the school for a combined total of 54 years and were all optomistic about the state and future of the school as Mr Litchfield plans to take over the reins in September.

All three have seen changes in the education system, with Mr Crellin – head between 1960 and 1984 – recalling the first national exams taking place at the school in 1961.

Mr Chapman’s tenure between 1984 and 2006 saw the size of the school increase by around 40%, while Mr Pickering has been in the role since 2006 and oversaw the school gaining academy status in 2011.

Mr Crellin was also head at the school, which opened a day after the start of World War II, when it changed to its current name from Baldock Secondary Modern School.

He said: “We were obliged to have a new name for the school and it was decided it would take place without the head being there. At the time it was important to get classifications right and there were a number ‘in words’ at the time.

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“Baldock Community Co-educational Comprehensive School was the obvious answer. I suggested was Baldock Community Comprehensive School for Boys and Girls because some people didn’t know what co-educational was.

““Baldock was a new town in 1148 created by the Knights Templar. In order to give them a stopping point between London and the Midlands.

“We thought it would be a fitting name for a new school in a new area and choose a school motto of ‘courage and courtesy’.”

Tim Litchfield, will take over his role in September, said: “I’m very much looking forward to starting in September and to listen to these gentlemen sitting around this table fills me with pride that I am going to work at such a fantastic school.”

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