Firefighters pass on skills to Baldock students

FIREFIGHTERS passed on the tricks of their trade to Comet country kids on a special course held last week.

Year eight pupils from Knights Templar School and Brandles School, a special school, completed the LIFE course at Baldock and Letchworth Fire Station last week.

Dan Pallett, head of year eight at Knights Templar, said: “The whole course is run by the fire brigade and they spend the week learning how to be fire fighters.

“For health and safety reasons they don’t put out fires, they do hose work and the other day the worked on cutting someone out of a car crash.”

The pupils from both Baldock schools received special uniforms for the duration of the week and even rescued a damsel in distress- a firefighter specially dressed for the occasion.

All the students took part in a passing out parade on Friday and put on a display, showcasing their new skills.

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