Councillor slams cuts as Letchworth school launches windows plea

A COUNCILLOR has labelled cuts to a school refurbishment project as a “disgrace” after thousands of pounds of funding was removed to replace school windows which are over 60 years old.

Between �70,000 and �100,000 of government money had been put aside to replace windows and frames installed when Wilbury Junior School in Letchworth GC was built in 1949, but teachers, governors and parents are now having to ask for help from the local community.

Following news of the Bedford Road-based school’s ‘Windows for Wilbury’ project, Letchworth Wilbury cllr Gary Grindal has criticised the need for the school to have to raise the money.

“All my three children have attended Wilbury Junior School and in all that time I’ve seen no infrastructure funding projects being allocated to that particular school,” said cllr Grindal.

“The only time I can recall is when temporary classrooms were put in.

“When a school that was built in 1949 and in this modern age is still using the same window frames you can only imagine what that means in terms of heat loss.

“I think it’s a disgrace Wilbury School has to find funding for basic infrastructure when the building was built just after World War II.

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“The school has got on with doing what it has to do despite not receiving the funding that it needs for basic infrastructure at the school.”

Wilbury Junior School headteacher John Cattermole said: “Our aim is to find the money and complete the project that Wilbury expected.

“Our school is at the heart of the Wilbury community and generations have passed through our walls.

“Without new, cost-efficient windows, the heating, appearance, integrity, safety and environment are all at risk. This project is of great importance to everyone in the building and also the wider community, so we are doing all we can to complete it.”

Mr Cattermole added: “We want companies to know that they can invest in the children’s future and invest in our community by supporting and helping to pay for the new windows.

“We have created a sponsorship package for potential partners and have sent it to them.

“However, we are appealing to other organisations who may be interested in working with us. We can come and visit businesses and tell them more about the project or businesses may prefer to visit us and take a look at the windows. Whatever their position or interest, please get in touch.”

If you are a representing a business or you know of anyone that can help at all, contact the school on 01462 620410 or email

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