Arsenal’s Wilshere joke prompts complaint from Hitchin school

A JOKE made by a football fan about Jack Wilshere on an online forum has prompted a complaint from the Arsenal star’s former Hitchin school, because the jibe poked fun at the school’s reputation.

One fan alleged on the Hitchin Town FC forum that Wilshere had got drunk and abused a cabbie, while referring to him being a former Priory School pupil.

The comment, which was later taken down, prompted headteacher Peter Loach to write to the football club and complain, after the comment was read by a school governor.

An apology has been issued to the school from the club and a warning was issued to fans on the online forums.

But some fans on the forum opposed the complaint, claiming it was political correctness and that no malice was intended.

One wrote: “It is a democratic society and people are free to say what they want, particularly on a football forum.

“I doubt Mr Loach’s protestations will have made any impression on the young men presently at the school and I doubt very much if Jack Wilshere’s behaviour will affect them either.”

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Another fan added: “It was just a teasing comment and I don’t believe any malice was intended.”

The football club issued an apology to Priory School after it received the complaint.

The club’s press officer Neil Jensen also posted on the forum to ask fans to refrain from posting such comments.

He told The Comet: “We were informed by the school of the comment by a letter and we agreed with them.

“The views on the site do not necessarily represent the people of the club. Sometimes we have to take anything down that might be deemed offensive.

“If one person is opposed to something, we should take notice. We have a relationship with the school and don’t want to upset them. We have a lot of supporters who go to Priory School.

“It was a playful comment which was since taken down. We have sent a letter of apology to the school, which they should be receiving.”

Mr Loach said: “The letter was sent to the chair of the football club, with who we have a partnership.

“It’s a private affair between the school and the football club. There’s nothing to comment on.”

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