An A in GCSE Maths for Hitchin boy, 10

TEN-year-old Roshan Singh seems like any other boy of his age. He enjoys street dance, kayaking and rock climbing in his spare time, and is into his music.

But the youngster has also showed an extraordinary talent in maths, and has just secured himself an A in it at GCSE.

Roshan, who was nine when he took the exam, has always been talented at the subject.

The Purwell Primary School pupil, who lives in Offley Road, Hitchin, also took a GCSE paper 18 months ago, which he got a C in.

His father Harpreet is a maths teacher at Marriotts School in Stevenage, where Roshan took the exam as an external candidate.

He told The Comet: “He’s really happy with how he did. He’s familiar with all the grades and what they translate to.

“If someone has those skills at such a young age, we think it’s good to put them to use. A young kid that can work at that level will have less inhibitions.

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“He was studying compound interest once, and showed me a different method which I don’t teach!

“He’s a very active boy, very hands-on and practical. He also loves his music. We’re very proud of him.”

Roshan, who is going into his final year at primary school, also sat an A-level paper this summer, which he got a D in.

“He sat one of the pure maths papers, and got a reasonable pass in it,” said Harpreet.

“Having worked at A-level really made him able to think at a higher level at GCSE.”

Roshan may continue with further papers to get an A-level within the near future.

Before that, though, he’ll begin looking and applying for secondary schools, which he will start at next September.

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