A-LEVEL RESULTS: Samuel Whitbread, Clifton

THERE was an excellent crop of A-level results at Samuel Whitbread Community College in Clifton.

A record number of candidates entered exams in the upper sixth with nearly 600 tests being sat this year.

Sophie Adams and Kirsty Biggs both achieved straight A*s. Rob Plummer achieved two A*s and two A grades and Chris Greer got two A*s and an A.

Caitlin Gardner, Hannah Hucklesby and Vanessa White all achieved an A* and two A grades.

Portia Hill-Chalmers achieved three A grades, while Gemma Ballard and Chris Grange both achieved an A*, an A and a B.

Anneka Chana, Natasha Finney, Jamie Marshall and Daniel Panico all achieved two As and a B grade.

Ten students in the lower sixth achieved at least three A grades in their AS exams. These students achieved double distinctions in the Level 3 BTEC courses: Charlotte Altham Moss, Tom Phillips, Alex Buckley, Amy Dales, Carl Gordon, Jack Legate, Connor McMurray, Tom Phillips, Matt Rimmer, Josh Smith and Josh Street.

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Principal Robert Robson said: “I am delighted by the results this year. Our sixth form has grown massively in the last few years and in September we will have 500 students.

“I am very pleased that our results have not diminished with our growth and in fact have improved on last year’s set. I congratulate every one of our students, their hard work has paid off.

“Behind each set of grades are hundreds of individual stories of achievement and the students and staff have worked very hard to gain so much success.

“It has been a hugely competitive year for students to get into university and I am really pleased for all the students who set their sights on a university place and have achieved it.

“A number of our students have already got themselves fantastic career paths worked out and their grades will really help them to succeed in the future.”

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