Pupils at Baldock’s Knights Templar School should be very proud of themselves after getting their GCSE results today – that’s according to head Tim Litchfield.

A third of the year group received three or more grades at A* or A grade, with two receiving nine A*s.

Top performers were Benjamin Summer, with nine A*s and an A, and Amelia Chappell, who got nine A*s.

Lia Groves and Danielle Latter each got eight A*s and an A.

Mr Litchfield said: “I am so proud of these students.

“This year group always aimed high and have achieved exceptional results.

“They are a credit to themselves and their parents, and a testament to the remarkable teaching and pastoral support we provide here at Knights Templar.”

Year 11 head Nick White added: “Their performance right across the ability range has been fantastic and they have achieved the grades that they need to get to the next step of their education. I wish them well for the future.”

Students with highest grades:

•Benjamin Summer – nine A*, one A

•Amelia Chappell – nine A*

•Lia Groves – eight A*, one A

•Danielle Latter – eight A*, one A

•Jai Garcha – seven A*, two A

•Benjamin Kingsbury – seven A*, two A

•Charles Palinkas – seven A*, two A

•Rishab Gupta – six A*, four A

•Miles Almond – six A*, three A

•James Reid – five A*, five A

•James Luk – five A*, four A

•Samuel Prior – five A*, four A

•Rosie Muge – four A*, six A

•Sacha Stier – four A*, five A

•Oscar Jopp – three A*, seven A

•Louie Goldscheider – one A*, eight A

Students making greatest progress:

•Chiara Volpe – 15 grades above targets

•James Andrews – 14 grades above targets

•Morgan Stanbridge – 13 grades above targets

•Sam Collins – 11 grades above targets

•Amelia Chappell – 10 grades above targets

•Calum Crawford – 10 grades above targets

•Jai Garcha – 10 grades above targets

•Lauren Tompkins – 10 grades above targets

•Miles Almond – 10 grades above targets