For Children's Mental Health Week, Stevenage's Marriotts School have taken to marking the occasion with a 'Wellbeing Day'.

On Wednesday, February 3, students across all years took part in activities designed to minimise time spent on screens, and focus on the '5 Ways to Wellbeing': connect, be active, keep learning, helping others and taking notice

At the end of the day, students reflected and shared examples of what they had achieved. Students reported back with photographs showing the whole family getting involved, playing board games, baking and going on walks to name a few.

Expressing what they'd got out of the wellbeing day, one student said: "I have learned that always getting a solid 30 minutes of exercise is crucial for sustaining a healthy mindset", while another said they enjoyed how "taking a step back and looking from another perspective can be really beneficial".

"It is important to take time focusing on yourself and away from screens and social media," a third student added, with another saying they took time out their day to do other things "and talk to people instead of just keeping to myself".