This year, because of the pandemic, A-level results have been decided based on a combination of coursework, mock exams and essays, rather than exams.

After last year's disastrous algorithm, which calculated results way below what pupils expected, a government U-turn meant that teachers' estimates were used instead.

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2021 exam results explained

  • A-level results are out on August 10 with GCSEs on August 12, earlier than usual to give students more time to appeal.
  • GCSEs, AS and A-level grades have been assessed by teachers using evidence like mock exams, in-class tests, essays and coursework.
  • Most schools have given greater weighting to “exam-style papers” compared to other forms of assessments.
  • Students will be able to appeal via their school or college if they believe grades are not a fair reflection of their work.
  • Appeals deadline is September 17, or August 23 for students who’ve not had their first-choice university place confirmed.
  • Exam boards will be offering re-sit-style exams in October for AS and A-levels, and GCSEs in November and December.