DVD Review: Fright Night

Review by Toby Lattimore

Fright Night (15)

This remake brings a 1980’s horror film up-to-date with the tweaking of some of the characters and the sheen of modern day glam. The successfully intimidating Colin Farrell, sporting a convincing American accent, plays the monster, and another actor known for his Russian accent playing the lead is Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, 2009).

Yelchin’s character soon becomes aware that a Vampire has moved in next door and that he and his family are the next course on the menu. Through his geek friend he becomes aware of an extravagant actor, played by David Tennant of Doctor Who fame, who’s performance is wiry and Time Traveller like. The up and coming English actress Imogen Poots as girlfriend and Australian Toni Collette as mother, put in good performances but there is a distinct lack of character development other than that of the lead.

Fright Night also wrestles with the humour factor. At times it is too serious especially seeing as the violence seems extreme for a 15 rated film and could have been dumbed down by some swift cutting or use of humour. At times the film is more fast-paced than suspenseful and would have benefited from being so. The cast is the strength of this film and they do a good job with what they have.