DVD Review: Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders


AFTER five years spent battling Daleks, Sea Devils, Axons and renegade Time Lords, the third incarnation of the Doctor meets his match in the deadly Eight Legs of Metebelis Three…

Giant psychic spiders from the Acteon Galaxy are unwittingly summoned to Earth by the brethren of a Tibetan-style spiritual retreat, searching for a perfect blue crystal stolen from their planet by the Doctor (Jon Pertwee), and needed by their all-powerful leader, the Great One, to complete her plans for universal conquest.

But in order to defeat the spiders, the Doctor must confront his worst fears, and there will be a terrible price to pay for his victory…

A veritable greatest-hits of all the elements of Pertwee’s reign as the Time Lord, this six-part story features high-speed chases on land, sea and sky in a myriad different vehicles, the soldiers of UNIT standing by his side for the final time, and of course the usual array of gadgets which symbolised the Third Doctor’s era so well.

A worthy finale for one of the greatest of the classic Doctors.