Dutch floral designer finishes season with a bang after three-evening Letchworth Winter House extravaganza

Letchworth's Dutch Winter House. Credit: Kasia Burke.

Letchworth's Dutch Winter House. Credit: Kasia Burke. - Credit: Archant

A Dutch floral designer finished her season with a bang after a three-evening Winter House extravaganza in Letchworth.

Alice Calcasola van der List. Credit: Kasia Burke

Alice Calcasola van der List. Credit: Kasia Burke - Credit: Archant

Alice Calcasola van der List continued her tradition of opening up her home at 15 Sollershott East – which is also the headquarters for her business All In One Season – and along with her family and team of 30 volunteers and staff gave guests the red carpet treatment.

Every inch of her home was styled to create a winter wonderland, filled with hand-made seasonal floral decorative designs and imported Dutch homewares.

This year, thanks to the generosity of guest donations towards refreshments, more than £700 was raised for the Garden House Hospice in its silver anniversary year.

Alice said: “This year’s Dutch Winter House was the best yet and we have been overwhelmed by the kind and heart-felt feedback received.

Letchworth's Dutch Winter House. Credit: Kasia Burke

Letchworth's Dutch Winter House. Credit: Kasia Burke - Credit: Archant

“We definitely felt the love, not only from our regulars who have supported me since my first Winter House seven years ago, but also from new guests who fully immersed themselves in our All In One Season wonderland.”

If you missed out on this year’s festivities, Alice has a showroom at her home that is open weekdays from 10am to 2pm and by appointment on Saturdays.

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“Many people come to me with a belief that they are not creative, so when they walk out of my workshop proudly clutching their beautiful design, I feel an immense sense of achievement,” Alice said.

Alice also runs regular workshops, teaching Dutch floral design to beginners, amateurs and professionals as well as hosting parties for any occasion – from children’s birthdays to hen-dos.

Next year Alice is looking forward to welcoming students old and new to her home studio, but there is one type of pupil that has eluded her in the 15 years she has been teaching.

“I am sorry to say that I have never had the pleasure of teaching floral design to a member of the opposite sex, but I’m determined that 2016 will be the year to change all this.

“I’m throwing down the gauntlet and offering a 50 per cent discount to the first man who will take up the challenge.”

Alice is holding a Festive Workshop and Cocktails event at The Groundworks in Hitchin at 7pm on Wednesday, as well as additional events in the new year.

To book ring 07799 261786 or email enquiries@allinoneseason.co.uk.

And to secure your place for next year’s Winter House visit www.eepurl.com/t6mf5.