Dumped recyclables cost North Herts taxpayers thousands a year

AN INCREASING amount of waste being dumped next to recycling banks across North Hertfordshire is costing taxpayers thousands of pounds a year to clear up.

Materials which are left next to the banks are not recycled but instead sent to landfill, costing North Herts District Council (NHDC) and the tax payer �12,500 a year.

NHDC said that it had seen a sharp increase of fly-tipping at recycling banks compared to the year before, with dumped bags full of recyclable plastic a particular issue, and that bins were not actually full for the most part.

“It costs additional money to respond to and remove waste that has been fly tipped,” said Cllr Peter Burt, NHDC portfolio holder for waste and recycling.

“It leaves an unsightly mess, and many people don’t realise whatever is left alongside the banks will not be recycled.

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“What is frustrating is that very often, people are going to a lot of effort to collect their plastic for recycling and taking it as far as the recycling banks.

“People argue that the banks are sometimes full and so they are unable to use them, but that’s rarely the case.

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“While they can sometimes appear to be full, they will almost always take more. Usually there is another filling point around the back that has access.

“If, however, you do find that you cannot fit your recycling into one of our banks, please call us so that we can do something about it.”

Leaving items at the side of the bins is classed technically as fly tipping, and could result in prosecution or a fine.

To report a recycling bank that is full, or if waste has been dumped, contact NHDC’s waste contractor Veolia on 0800 328 6023.

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