Driver speaks of terrifying ordeal after near collision with car travelling wrong way down A505 between Baldock and Royston

A car was spotted driving the wrong way down the A505 between Baldock and Royston.

A car was spotted driving the wrong way down the A505 between Baldock and Royston. - Credit: Archant

A driver has spoken about the scary moment he saw a car travelling towards him the wrong way down the A505 between Baldock and Royston last night at about 11pm.

Darren Bull had just overtaken a car before he saw another car coming down the fast lane the wrong way at about 60 to 70mph, after pulling out at the BP petrol station.

He said: “It was one of those surreal moments. The driver went past, then I looked in my mirror and saw two cars side by side behind me. The woman in the fast lane had to slam on her brakes and pull in behind the car in the slow lane. What if there was another car beside her? If she hadn’t been so quick to respond it could have been a different story.

“I pulled over and the woman, who had to slam on her brakes, pulled over too. She said ‘I could have died’. She was very shaken.”

Darren believes there needs to be better signage on the road telling people it is a dual carriageway, to avoid such dangerous situations in the future – especially at night when there are fewer cars around.

He added: “I felt really nervous driving after that. Whenever a car came towards me afterwards, it put me on edge. The poor woman said ‘I don’t want to get back in my car’. I looked online and this isn’t the first time this has happened on the A505 – something needs to be done about it.”

Officers confirmed they attended the scene after reports of a motorist travelling the wrong way, but said no vehicle was found.

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