Council criticised for 'shoddy' underpass paint job

Passer by Pete Davison said that the underpass at Fairlands Way and Grace Way "looked better beforehand"

Passer by Pete Davison said that the underpass at Fairlands Way and Grace Way "looked better beforehand" - Credit: Pete Davison

A Stevenage underpass, which was left with paint dripping on those venturing through, will be stripped and redecorated following poor workmanship.

It was initially a mystery as to who was responsible for the makeover at Fairlands Way and Grace Way, which had been mistaken as vandalism by those who passed by.

Hertfordshire Council Council manage and are responsible for underpasses in Stevenage, but they confirmed that it was not their workers who had executed the works.

Pete Davison, who encountered the dripping paintwork on Wednesday, October 20, told the Comet that he initially thought the underpass had been targeted by troublemakers due to the state of the "shoddy" revamp.

"As I got closer I realised it was actually a really bad paint job. Why would anyone leave it like that?

"It was dripping while I was walking under there, and there were lots of footprints where people had trodden in the paint and got it on their shoes. The underpass looked better beforehand.

"What a shower of paint!"

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When the Comet shared pictures of the underpass' sorry state to the county council, a spokesperson confirmed that contractor, Ringway, was responsible for the underpass' sloppy redecoration.

"Unfortunately the paint has not bonded and has fallen off in some areas," they said.

"Ringway will visit the site tomorrow (Friday, October 29) to jet wash the subway, apply a new bond coat and re-paint the subway on Saturday before the schools return on Monday."

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