Downing Street: Our MPs' responses to alleged illegal Christmas party

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlines his four stage lockdown exit plan during a media briefing in D

PM Boris Johnson at a press conference last year imposing limitations on our liberty - last December London was in tier 3 restrictions but did a Christmas party take place? - Credit: Leon Neal/PA Wire/PA Images

While people were spending Christmas without their loved ones, dying alone in hospital or working tirelessly on the front line to keep us safe, was there a party in Downing Street last festive season?

ITV news has released a damning video, which appears to be showing the PM's former press secretary Allegra Stratton laughing at a mock press conference after being asked about a party - that is alleged to have happened four days earlier, on December 18, when London was in tier 3 restrictions and gatherings were illegal. 

The Comet sent the following to our MPs: 

Regarding the reported Downing St Christmas party, could you please provide a statement on your take on events? As a Conservative MP, what should happen next? Did you know about the party or did you or any of your staff attend that, or any parties, last Christmas?

691 people died with COVID on the day the Allegra Stratton mock presser took place - and it appears to show the PM's staff laughing about a party and working on covering their backs if the party was leaked. Public feeling is that it's one rule for those in power and another for the public - the very people making limitations on our liberty were breaking the rules and laughing at us, and people are angry.

Do you think this undermines public confidence in politicians? Are you worried your constituents won't follow any future guidance regarding COVID-safe measures or lockdowns which come about due to omicron or other variants? What is your message to your constituents?

And whether Boris Johnson made an appearance at the party or not - it's a failure of leadership, isn't it? Should the PM resign?

We have received the following responses: 

Bim Afolami, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, said: "I myself did not attend any party at Downing Street, and I have taken at face value Number 10 press statements that no rules were broken. If that is proved to be incorrect, then an investigation should take place."

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Sir Oliver Heald, North East Herts MP, said: "I can’t add anything to what is already in the public domain, because I don’t know anything about this personally and I and my team were working remotely during this period."

We are yet to receive responses from our other MPs.