Dorothy hits the big 100

WHEN Dorothy was born, George V was on the throne, televisions didn’t exist and the First World War hadn’t yet started. Yesterday (Friday), 100 years on, she celebrated her birthday with her family and friends.

Dorothy Irene Hedges, who was born in Hitchin and has lived there ever since, now stays at Westbourne Residential Care Home where she is the eldest resident.

She has lived through two world wars, and now has two children, four grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.

But daughter Audrey Humphrey has said despite reaching such a landmark, her mother has not made a fuss about it.

“We told her that she will probably get a card from the Queen. She’s been very calm about it all,” said Mrs Humphrey.

“I think she is quite excited now that it’s here. She’s still young at heart. She’s coming to my house so we can celebrate with friends and neighbours. It will be an open house.”