Donate rugby kits to help disadvantaged kids in Africa

PEOPLE are being encouraged to donate their old rugby kits to charity to help disadvantaged children and young adults in Africa.

Car dealership John R Ford & Sons on Ampthill Road in Shefford is getting behind the Drop Kick Your Kit campaign.

Clean rugby shirts, shorts, protective gear and boots can be taken to the dealership before Sunday, October 2.

Charity SKRUM will distribute the kits to children and young adults in Africa.

SKRUM uses rugby to develop social skills necessary for healthy and responsible living. African children and young adults are encouraged to attend SKRUM rugby courses and, at the same time, have medical HIV/AIDS checks and receive preventative AIDS awareness programmes.

“By simply donating their unwanted kit, our customers will have a direct impact on the lives of so many individuals,” said a spokesman for John R Ford & Sons.