Donald Trump supporters tweet picture of Oasis at Knebworth in 1996 but insist it was Iowa rally

Donald Trump

Donald Trump - Credit: Archant

The US Election campaign has been perhaps the most controversial in history with millions of Americans and people around the world being appalled at Donald Trump’s behaviour.

Donald Trump supporter tweets a picture of Oasis at Knebworth

Donald Trump supporter tweets a picture of Oasis at Knebworth - Credit: Archant

Many of the Republican candidate’s statements have been dismissed as lies or misinformation, including on such topics as his tax returns – he’s the first candidate not to release them since 1976.

Global warming is ‘a hoax invented by the Chinese’, he said – and he long accused President Barack Obama of not being a natural-born US citizen.

But with Americans going to the polls today it has been revealed that some of Donald Trump’s supporters have been tweeting pictures of the 125,000-strong crowd that gathered at Knebworth House to watch Oasis in August 1996, insisting it’s a picture of one of his rallies.

Once the falsehood was revealed, Twitter users asked the Trump supporter if they preferred Noel or Liam.

The deluded Trump supporter insisted: “I maintain that’s a photo of Donald in Iowa earlier this year.”