Dog ban over foul play?

A COUNCIL is looking at banning dogs from a recreation ground because faeces are not being picked up by their owners.

Arlesey Town Youth Football Club, whose players use Arlesey Recreation Ground at weekends, has raised the issue with the town council after finding the problem of dog muck is escalating.

The club’s chairman Steve Hazlewood said: “It’s been going on for a few years now but it’s getting worse, to the point where our eight managers are each picking up five to 10 piles of dog mess every week.

“There are many health issues connected to dog faeces laying around and dog owners should be aware of that.

“They should have the sense and manners to pick it up.”

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At an Arlesey Town Council meeting on Tuesday, councillors discussed banning dogs from the area or launching a re-education programme for dog owners.

“Members are very concerned about the issue,” said town council chairman Nick Daniels.

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“The town council is looking into what powers it has in relation to banning dogs, but the enforcement of it would be an issue.”

Cllr Linda Clapham said: “I think it’s a shame because it’s a good facility for most dog owners who are responsible and they will be penalised because of the few who are irresponsible.”

She suggested that the two dog bins on the site should be made more prominent, and that a notice should be put up to warn people that a ban will be imposed if dog fouling continues.

Central Beds Council member Ian Delgarno, who was at the town council meeting, suggested that a ban would be impossible to police.

“You need to put things in place and educate people to make it work because you can’t police it,” he said.

“It’s about re-educating the owners, and it’s something we should do more of.”

The council resolved to liaise with Central Beds Council, which owns part of the recreation ground, and to make a decision at the town council’s next meeting in January.

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