Do’s and don’ts of EU referendum polling station voting etiquette: No tweeting from the booth – but you can come dressed as a Minion if you don’t create a disturbance

What you can and can't do in a polling booth.

What you can and can't do in a polling booth. - Credit: Archant

After reports of people being turned away from polling stations in Stevenage today for being dressed ‘inappropriately’, here’s a round-up of what you can and can’t do when you come to cast your vote in the EU referendum.

You can vote dressed as a Minion so long as you don't create a distrubance.

You can vote dressed as a Minion so long as you don't create a distrubance. - Credit: Archant

For example you cannot wear overtly political clothing in an attempt to canvass support or influence people’s voting intentions for a political cause by wearing party insignia or T-shirts. Nor are you allowed to bring placards or posters containing campaign slogans or opinions.

Political clothing in relation to the vote, such as a top saying ‘Vote Leave’ or ‘Vote Remain’, is not allowed as it could also be deemed as intimidating.

No discussion on political preferences is allowed in the polling station, nor are you allowed to tweet which way you have voted from the polling booth.

However you are allowed to wear a Union Jack dress, hat or draped flag as that would not seen to be influencing other voters.

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You are also allowed to bring your own pen – but don’t smudge the ballot paper as your vote may note count. You can also wear a hoodie or a burkha.

Voters may also play their favourite music – so long as it is not deemed to be ‘high volume’ in the booth which could disrupt other people.

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But if you are listening to music on headphones you will have to remove them when being addressed by polling station staff.

You are also requested not to have loud conversations on mobile phones at the polling station.

And finally, you may, if you wish come dressed in fancy dress.

A spokesman for the Electorial Commission told the Comet: “There are no specific restrictions in terms of fancy dress – but it would be down to the discretion of officers.

“The main thing to stress is so long as you are not creating a disturbance, then you could in theory come dressed as a Minion if you so wish.”

You can also attend topless – but only if you are man.

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