Discarded husband’s cigar caused grans’ death

Discarded husband’s cigar caused grans’ death

An inquest into the death of Lyn Baumeister, who was found unconscious in an upstairs bedroom by firefighters in her home in Hopton Road, Stevenage in February, heard she was overcome by toxic fumes from a burning sofa.

The chair had been set alight by a cigar discarded by her former partner George, with whom she still lived. He had stubbed it into an ashtray and then into a waste paper basket. He then left for work, unaware it was still smouldering.

The alarm was raised by neighbours shortly before 7.45pm.

Mrs Baumeister was taken to Lister Hospital by paramedics and then to a carbon monoxide treatment chamber at James Padgett University Hospital in Great Yarmouth, but did not recover.

Her seven-month-old black Labrador dog, Ben, also died as a result of the fire.

A fire alarm in the family home of 40 years had been disconnected during decorating work.

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The retired 63-year-old, also known by her maiden name Cherry, was a life long Stevenage resident, who attended Barclay School and worked for more than 30 years at the Land Registry.

She left three children and six grandchildren.

Coroner Edward Thomas recorded a cause of death by hypoxic brain injury and carbon monoxide poisoning.