Director of Baldock Manor says he is not aware of staff causing parking problems

A petition has been launched which complains that members of staff at Baldock Manor are parking alon

A petition has been launched which complains that members of staff at Baldock Manor are parking along Anchor Road. - Credit: Archant

The director of a Baldock rehabilitation centre says that he’s not aware that his staff have been causing parking problems for people living nearby, despite a petition with almost 100 signatures claiming that they’re causing a real headache.

The petition launched last week aims to stop staff from Baldock Manor – which offers treatments for people with mental illnesses – causing a potential hazard by allegedly parking near the entrance of Anchor Road.

Although anyone can park legally on the residential street, the group of neighbours who have launched the petition feel that those who are doing so are breaking the Highway Code and putting drivers at risk due to the bend of the road and the proximity with Pryor Road, which can create a blind spot.

Several neighbours claim to have spoken to staff at the London Road home about the parking issue.

But director Phil Massetti said: “I have not been made aware of any hazardous parking by any of our staff, if indeed, it is any of our staff?

“If there has been an incident then in the first instance it should be reported to the police.

“We, as a company, are not in a position to check where visitors or members of staff park or how they park.

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“However, I must stress we do not condone anybody breaking the rules of the Highway Code and will remind all of our staff to be considerate to others when parking.”

Karina Lanni, who launched the petition along with neighbour Mia Beswick, said: “Baldock Manor must know all calls regarding the issue are logged as are all visits requesting their staff to stop parking in a hazardous part of the road. We have plenty of photographic evidence.

“However we have only had one car parked on the blind bend today for a short period. Fingers crossed the pen is mightier than the sword.”