‘Diabetes doesn’t need to be a death sentence’ says Stevenage pair launching support group

Insulin injections are more commonly associated with Type 1 diabetes, but is used by those with Type

Insulin injections are more commonly associated with Type 1 diabetes, but is used by those with Type 2 as well. - Credit: Sarah G

A diabetes support group is being launched in Stevenage to educate sufferers and assure them that being diagnosed with the disease isn’t the end of the world.

Steve Glennon and Sue Savanna were spurred on to help others after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several years ago.

Steve, 61, said: “Like most people I thought there was nothing you could do about it apart from take the drugs. But that simply isn’t true. The whole idea of the support group is that people can meet, talk and share their thoughts. We can get healthcare professionals to come and offer advice. We want to give people what they need to be able to cope with a lifetime illness.”

Steve, of Plash Drive, found out he had the disease two years ago and is now slimmer and fitter than before and has lowered his blood fat and cholesterol levels. After seeing how the disease wasn’t a death sentence he decided to help others and signed up for a training course on Type 2 Together which is run by national charity Diabetes UK.

He said: “Part of it is that people get upset when they get diagnosed. They get worried about the complications because is can lead to blindness and amputations. This can seem scary but it can be controlled. In fact, Sue has improved so much that she no longer has to take medication and can control the disease with exercise and dieting.”

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There are two forms of the disease. Type 1 is usually genetic and Type 2 normally occurs later in life and can be down a variety of factors including poor diet, lack of exercise and obesity.

Type 2 is one of the country’s fastest growing illnesses and accounts for 90 per cent of the UK’s 3.2 million sufferers.

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The group meets next Tuesday, September 8, at the ASDA store in Monkswood Way at 7pm. For more call Steve on 01438 316259 or 07905 167703 or Sue on 07784 913062. Alternatively search Stevenage Type 2 Together on Facebook.

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