Detective novel set in Letchworth written by author who lives in garden city

The Dead Squirrel by Patrick Walsh.

The Dead Squirrel by Patrick Walsh. - Credit: Archant

A new detective novel set almost entirely in Letchworth has been written by an author who lives in the garden city.

The Dead Squirrel is the second in a series of murder mysteries which feature Dennis ‘Mac’ Maguire, a solo detective in the fictitious Garden City Detective Agency who lives in Leys Avenue.

Author Patrick Walsh, who has lived in the town for 10 years, said: “This one is set almost totally in Letchworth and includes landmarks such as the Letchworth Settlement and local settings like Willian and Wymondley.

“In my latest novel Mac has just come home after a short holiday when one of his neighbours discovers that a black squirrel found dead in her garden has been poisoned.

“Not long afterwards he learns that a woman has also been found, murdered by the same exotic poison, and the investigation kicks off.

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“Mac helps the police investigate a cold-blooded murder and the members of the Letchworth Society of Janeites, the local Jane Austen appreciation society, are all suspects.

“In the hunt for the murderer the investigation turns up something quite unexpected and shocking.

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“While investigating the murder of the chairwoman of the Jane Austen appreciation society Mac discovers that she has not been the first to die.”

You can win a copy of the book – which costs £8.99 and is available from Amazon – by guessing which Letchworth ballroom the Society of Janeites hold Regency balls in.

Send your answer and address to – five winners will be picked at random.

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