Dance Review: BalletBoyz

BalletBoyz The Talent 2013 in Liam Scarlett's Serpent

BalletBoyz The Talent 2013 in Liam Scarlett's Serpent - Credit: Archant

WHEN you think about spending an evening at the ballet the image of ten bare-torsoed men throwing each other around is probably not the first one that springs to mind. But for what BalletBoyz, founded by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, lack in tutus they certainly make up for in talent in their two new exhilarating works.

The first of the double bill, Serpent, sees the all-male cast find the perfect equilibrium point between power and grace. Each movement flows seamlessly into the other as the dancers play with different formations and manoeuvre each other around the space like rippling waves. Gentle lighting that washes the stage in shades of amber and violet illuminates the boys’ impressive physiques, allowing the audience to appreciate the balletic lines that are laced through Liam Scarlett’s confident choreography.

Fallen by Russell Maliphant is much darker and the booming of drums brings instant drama. There is a militaristic feel to the way the ensemble roll around on the floor in a circular motion clad in khaki tops and trousers. Here we see the young troupe at their most athletic as they boisterously throw each other over their shoulders and climb up onto each others thighs. There is a tension to this piece that the former lacks yet that same weightless quality remains.

This was a bold performance and the boys gave the audience plenty to cheer about.